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Steuerbarer LED-Vorhang

Steuerbarer LED-Vorhang

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💭 Product Description

Enjoy your time together and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with the LED Smart Curtain Lights!

The LED Smart Hanging Lights can be customized according to their wishes and shapes. You can also customize your own Do-it-Yourself Mode (DIY), with your viewing experience with your own text, design or customization. Those intelligent people take care of themselves for their special Christmas time as a gift for their love and family and also receive support from their guests. 💫💡

(I.e. Endless Farben und Muster:

Take a look at more from Farben, Modern and Modern. Wählen Sie aus Millionen von Kombinationen, von Einzeltönen bis zu more Farben, with bezaubernden Mustern wie Herzen, Sternen, Feuerwerk, Emojis and more. The Möglichkeiten since wirklich endlos and the Vorhangbeleuchtung are zu Ihrem Spielplatz for Kreativität!

Adjustable DIY Mode:

Welding Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf! You can now choose to create your own personalized designs and designs. Zeichnen Sie Wörter, Muster und Designs direkt von Ihrem Smartphone aus und beobachten Sie, wie Ihre einzigartigen Visionen durch die Vorhangbeleuchtung zum Life erweckt. Enjoy a moment of perfect atmosphere, with your own art and wine.

Lighter tanzen in Takt der Musik! 🎶

The LED Smart Curtain Lights synchronize themselves with the music and with ease, within the room during a live jam session. Die Vorhangbeleuchtung enhances über integrierte Schallsensoren, soss die Lichter im Takt Ihrer Lieblingslieder tanzen. Perfect for fun socializing and parties! 🎉

The Lighter jump with the same experience that you will enjoy with your favorite songs. Enjoy your musical experience with a visual feast and enjoy your time in a relaxed environment! 💃💡 Enjoy your time with the convenience of using magic and ordering your LED-Smart-Vorhangleuchten. Read the music that is alive and well, enjoy the lighter, harmonious tanzen and an unforgettable atmosphere!”

📲 Two magical control methods: iDeal LED App and Fernbedienung! Loading See the iDeal LED App for 16 Million Farben, 22 Dynamic Modes, Musikrhythmus and more information! Steuern Sie die Lichter von Ihrem Telefon aus der verwenden Sie die eenfache IR-Fernbedienung with 20 Tasten. They are a light-hearted person and they are a light-hearted person. 📱🌈

🌧️ Wetterfest für den außergewöhnlichen Einsatz: IP44 waterproof! The water tightness class IP44 is ideal for wall decoration during the holidays, Christmas, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other special features! 🌟🏰

🎁 The perfect gift:

If you wish to take care of them, they will be happy to provide you with the necessary decoration for your home, and use smart curtain lights as an ideal gift. You can enjoy yourselves with your own friends and family with your own happiness and your own piece of technology.

???? Final Specifications:

  • 🌈 Farbe der Lampenperlen: 4020 Symphony RGB
  • 💡 LED Anzahl: 400 LEDs
  • 📏 Lacquer: 20 pieces
  • 📐 Produktspezifikationen: 1*1M/2*2M/3*3M
  • 💧 Water tightness: IP44
  • 🔌 Energy mode: Netzteil (5V/5A 25W)
  • ⚡ Power supply: AC100V-240V
  • 🌡 Working temperature (℃): -20-65 ℃

🎉 Discover the magic with the iDeal LED App:

  • Such and loading See “iDeal led” in the following applications, you can read or scan the QR Code in your handbook.
  • Einfach sign in or register. Create a Password for a personalized experience fest.
  • Passen Sie die Helligkeit with DIM +/DIM- an, to obtain the perfect atmosphere.

🎁 Package includes:

  • 1 * Slim Lighter Chain
  • 1 * remote control
  • 1 * adapters
  • 1 * Instruction Manual

Walk around your home with viewing LED lighting and cover. You can explore the boundaries with the iDeal LED App. Welding Enjoy your creativity, enjoy your joy and enjoy your own personal, supportive environment! ✨🏡💡

Product specifications

  • 🌈 Lamp bead color: 4020 Symphony RGB
  • 💡 LED quantity: 400 LEDs
  • 📏 Licorice quantity: 20 pieces
  • 📐 Productspecificaties: 1*1M/2*2M/3*3M
  • 💧 Waterproof rating: IP44
  • 🔌 Power Mode: Power Adapter (5V/5A 25W)
  • ⚡ Input voltage: AC100V-240V



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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Hardy Okuneva

Great Garland. Child, so delighted, especially that you can draw the image "live" yourself. There aren't many built-in (available via the remote) graphics/animations, but this is resolved with the application.

Jayme Heller

Fantastic curtain, although there images are a bit outdated, I am a DJ and I want it for the background of the stage, it would be necessary to enter photos from the mobile or downloaded. In general very good product for its price, very happy

Otto Denesik

Very good product works as recommended and described

Laurianne Erdman

Controllable LED Curtain

Richie Wyman

I play for the same singing period and I can say-tsya girlyanda Tse plonk! Yaskrave svitlo, mozna vikoristovuvati yak sovitlennya in kimnati. Bagato regimes. Keruwannya Z phone. SYN in Capture! I advise it!