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Control bart LED garden

Control bart LED garden

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💭 Product Description

Transform your entire room and brighten the atmosphere with LED Smart Curtain Lighting! ✨

The LED smart garden lights come with individual designs, width and height, so you can personalize and design garden lights and make them even more versatile. These tools are designed with a self-made (DIY) stand, which can be adjusted using text, design or text. The sorrowful garden is fantastic during the coming festive season, whether you are with your partner or your family, or even with the bright atmosphere of your life, during your holiday. 💫💡

(I.e. One-piece fare and samples:

Fordyb dig i et hav af farver, mønstre og tilstande. More often than not, it is a combination, with more nuance than ever before, with a lot of effort, even more, more subtle, more fun, emoji and more. Mulighederne there are virkelig uendeel, yet garden belysningen bliver din emptyplads for creativitet!

DIY-Advile Tilt:

Lad dit kreative sind løbe fri! You can also customize your designs and customize them, and you can also customize them and personalize them. Tegn ord, mønstre og design direct fra din smartphone og se, hvordan dine unique visioner kommer til live på gardenbelysningen. Create the perfect atmosphere for your view in your own unique way.

Lys danser til størrelsen på musikken! 🎶

The LED smart garden is synchronized with music, so you can enjoy this varied and spectacular jam session. Gardinbelysningen there udstyret with bygget sunde sensorer, så lysene danser på takten af ​​dine yndlingssange. Perfect for hyggelike mother and party! 🎉

Lysene hopper along each other's list, they are always present with their own playlist, they are also available. Gør hver musikoplevelse and visuel fest og danner dit rum til et travlt dansegulv! 💃💡 Tilføj and strive to be happy until your arrival, and also enjoy your LED smart garden during the day. Lad musikken tage føringen, mens lysene danser i harmoni for and uforglemmelig atmosphere! "

📲 To magical control method: Ideel LED app even better! Download the ideal LED app for 16 million miles, 22 dynamic views, music and more! Betjen lysene fra din telefon, eller brug den single 20-Keys IR-fjernbetjening. Tegn et lys mønster og type lysmønstre. 📱🌈

🌧️ Resistant to external bridge: IP44 Vandtæt! IP44 - current classification according to the requirements of the current design, July, July, Valentine's Day and bright special days! 🌟🏰

🎁 The perfect gift:

As a result, there is still a lot of joy in the coming festive season ahead of this house, there is sorrow in belying the idealle gift. Forkæl dig selv eller overrask dine venner og family med et unikt og fortryllende stykke teknologi.

???? Impressive specification:

  • 🌈 Fare på lampeperlen: 4020 Symphony RGB
  • 💡 LED dog: 400 LEDs
  • 📏 Droph afslappet: 20 stykker
  • 📐 Produktspecifikationer: 1*1m/2*2m/3*3m
  • 💧 Current rating: IP44
  • 🔌 Emergency standstill: Power Adapter (5V/5A 25W)
  • ⚡ Input power: AC100V-240V
  • 🌡 Working temperature (℃): -20-65 ℃

🎉 Create magic with the idealle LED app:

  • You can also download "Ideal LED" from the store application marker, or scan QR codes and manuals.
  • Du skal blot logge ind eller registrere. Indstil and adgangskode til and personal oplevelse.
  • Adjust the settings with DIM +/DIM for the perfect atmosphere.

🎁 Suits inkluderer:

  • 1 * Slim String Light
  • 1 * Fjernbetjening
  • 1 * adapter
  • 1 * Instruktioner lift bridge

Transform your plads with bright LED lighting and enjoy a wide variety of LED applications. Lad din kreativitet løbe fri og nyde et personally, atmosfærisk miljø! ✨🏡💡

Product specifications

  • 🌈 Lamp bead color: 4020 Symphony RGB
  • 💡 LED quantity: 400 LEDs
  • 📏 Licorice quantity: 20 pieces
  • 📐 Productspecificaties: 1*1M/2*2M/3*3M
  • 💧 Waterproof rating: IP44
  • 🔌 Power Mode: Power Adapter (5V/5A 25W)
  • ⚡ Input voltage: AC100V-240V



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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Hardy Okuneva

Great Garland. Child, so delighted, especially that you can draw the image "live" yourself. There aren't many built-in (available via the remote) graphics/animations, but this is resolved with the application.

Jayme Heller

Fantastic curtain, although there images are a bit outdated, I am a DJ and I want it for the background of the stage, it would be necessary to enter photos from the mobile or downloaded. In general very good product for its price, very happy

Otto Denesik

Very good product works as recommended and described

Laurianne Erdman

Controllable LED Curtain

Richie Wyman

I play for the same singing period and I can say-tsya girlyanda Tse plonk! Yaskrave svitlo, mozna vikoristovuvati yak sovitlennya in kimnati. Bagato regimes. Keruwannya Z phone. SYN in Capture! I advise it!